Peanut Butter and Bananas

Hello My Peanut Butter Creationists

How would you like to know how to make a super quick snack with just peanut butter and a banana.


In order for this to be a meaningful snack, you have to get over your fears of peanut butter.  Up till now you have been on the light path of creations.  For this one you will need to put that aside because these needs to be thick with peanut butter.

The trick to this snack is to peel the banana about half-way down.  If you go much further, you take risk on the banana breaking on your next step.  That being said, the next step is to apply a big slab of PB on about one inch of it.   I know you may be thinking “ahh this is too much peanut butter”.  I tell you “no”, and that is because the banana is very moist and it will compensate enough so the peanut butter is not so sticky.  Continue this process until the banana is consumed.

So, this has been another try at curbing our munchies.  Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, I found a new twist to this recipe. If you like to get funky and try new things, try this. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich


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